I was born in Sardinia, a beautiful Italian island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

After receiving many massages I began to get them as a hobby until it becomes a job, job that practice for almost 10 years.
I studied at a major Italian school…

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Massage Style

Entering my studio you will find yourself in a warm and welcoming environment. Widespread light, chromotherapy and light fragrances will make you feel more relaxed.

Deep tissue, Swedish Massage, Californian Massage…

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Massage. Wellness and relax

Massages are not a luxury but a very ancient derivation that declines in many ways depending on the origin of the technique. Massages, ancient and vital practice. Quality of contact, energy exchange, communication power: all these factors blend in the massage. Each session is sacred and honors the correspondence between the epidermis and the nervous system: by tapping it is possible to establish a contact with the mind and to communicate in full with the body. The oldest massage practices increase awareness of all parts of the body and aim to create greater energy balance. Relationships with others and the outside world are improved and inner wellbeing is also reflected externally. In some cases, a self-healing mechanism is triggered. Body circulation and physiological activity is re-activated, body temperature regenerates, organic metabolic processes are reconciled. It improves the diffusion of vital substances to the whole organism.

Massage that opens the heart: the choice of the therapist. Massages are a form of consecration, a way to “open the heart” towards oneself, allowing to create a direct bridge towards your inner reality. A trust act, a contact tool that develops a reusable positivity in relationship with each other. When there is a connection between the receiver and the massager, you can experience total indulgence, which allows the internal organs to move forward with consequent release of energy.

Benefits and Contraindications

The movements carried out by massage techniques are performed through precise sequential maneuvers, concentrated in the direction of the muscle fibers, with attention to the direction of the venous circulation (from the extremities to the center represented by the heart). For a toning effect, the movements are firm and rapid, while for a calming effect we will have a series of slow and gentle maneuvers. The energetic conceptions of oriental schools focus on the paths of so-called meridians. Massage techniques allow a wide range of benefits, ranging from relaxation to muscle strength, from the cancellation of stress to the restoration of energy fit in certain parts of the body, from muscle re-education to the care of global psycho-physical wellbeing. Some massage techniques also provide a valid form of prevention, suggesting a contact intervention aimed at correcting an organic disequilibrium


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